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Agriculture Commodities

We specialize in providing agriculture commodities sourced directly from dedicated producers and farmers.


We provide agriculture commodities to meet the food and nutrition demands of a growing population

Direct Sourcing

We source agriculture commodities directly from farmers and producers, ensuring authenticity and quality. This expertise allows us to maintain transparency in the supply chain and build strong, lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

Global distribution network

Our agriculture commodities, including essential grains and soft commodities, are distributed globally. With a well-established distribution network, we ensure a consistent and reliable supply to meet the diverse needs of markets worldwide, contributing to global food security.

Tailored to your needs

We keep adapting to dynamic market demands, we tailor our agriculture commodities to meet the evolving preferences and requirements of consumers

Harvesting Crop Field

Agriculture Products

At TEQSGroup, our role in supplying agricultural commodities extends far beyond mere trade; we add significant value to the world by ensuring the availability, quality, and sustainability of essential food resources. Vital agricultural commodities like sugar, corn, soybeans, and rice, play an integral part in maintaining global food security. These crops are fundamental to the diets of billions worldwide.




Yellow Corn



Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain for agricultural commodities is a comprehensive and well-coordinated process that begins with the strategic procurement of agricultural commodities from trusted producers. We have established strong relationships with farmers and agricultural cooperatives across various regions, enabling us to source high-quality products directly: procurement from producers to bulk shipping in vessels, ensuring efficient and timely delivery to our global clientele.

Farmers Harvesting Crops


We hold allocations for raw materials and source from local producers and mills in key regions for sugar, yellow corn,soybean and rice

Truck and Warehouse


We transport the commodities to nearest port via trucks once the goods are packaged in bulk packaging

Solar Operations

Quality Inspection

We work with likes of  SGS for inspection of commodities upon arrival at the port of loading for quality, quantity & export.

sugar loading.jpeg


We load the bulk goods into the vessel with the help of conveyor belts, grabs and pneumatic systems



We work with large shipping companies which use bulk carriers that are designed to carry dry bulk goods.

Container Yard

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