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  • What is TEQSGroup?
    TEQS Group specializes in the sourcing, trading, and distribution of commodity products to global markets. Our mission is to provide superior-quality commodities while promoting sustainability, ethical practices, and customer satisfaction.
  • Does TEQSGroup require a Proof of Funds letter (POF)?
    Yes, TEQS Group requires a Proof of Funds letter (POF). This requirement is crucial as it acts as substantiation that the concerned party possesses the essential funds to finalize the transaction, additionally aiding in mitigating financial fraudulent activities.
  • Is a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) necessary for TEQS Group before signing the SPA?
    Yes, TEQS Group mandates the provision of a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) from its clients. This requirement is in place to facilitate the negotiation process and to deter speculators who may seek access to information and documentation without genuine intent to make a purchase.
  • How can I initiate a commodity order with TEQS Group?
    You can initiate the process by simply sending an email to or to our WhatsApp number. Please attach a Letter of Intent (LOI) or an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), preferably accompanied by a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) or Proof of Readiness. Our team will promptly respond to your inquiry.
  • What payment methods are accepted by TEQS Group?
    TEQS Group accepts payments in the form of a 100% LC/DLC at sight(Irrevocable, Transferrable). It's important to note that payments are exclusively accepted only at the loading port not on destination ports.
  • Does TEQS Group provide past performance?
    No, TEQS Group does not. In accordance with the international and national laws to which TEQS Group is governed, sending confidential documents, such as the presentation of documents, and contracts with suppliers and other purchasing companies, is extremely illegal and leads us to violate the international terms of the Chamber of International Trade. (CCI).
  • Are Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payments accepted by TEQS Group?
    Yes, TEQS Group does accept Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payments. However, please note that a percentage of the payment is required in advance at the time of signing the contract, with the remaining balance due at the port of shipment upon presentation of all required shipping documents.
  • Is a Ready Willing And Able (RWA) required by TEQS Group?
    Yes, TEQS Group does require an RWA from its customers. It is necessary before issuing the MT799. The RWA should be sent directly from the buyer's bank to TEQS Group bank, and it must be accompanied by the identification of the bank officer for verification.
  • Is the Usance Letter of Credit (LC) accepted by TEQS Group?
    No, TEQS Group does not accept Usance Letter of Credit (LC).

Frequently Asked Questions

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